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I see music as order

Music has always been my main interest

I received a traditional musical education, studied Piano at the National Conservatory and Composition
at the Faculty of Musical Arts and Sciences (U.C.A.).

After attending several seminars and courses I finally met my maestro, the Spanish composer
Francisco Guerrero, (1951-1997), in Madrid.


Since I'm not in compliance with excerpts about art, I have included the only piece
I wrote that is short enough to be listened to in its entirety on the Internet.



Le Souffleur Le Souffleur Le Souffleur

Le Souffleur Le Souffleur

From Francisco Guerrero I received special teachings about complexity which sprang from his research
Complex Music, a concept based on observations of nature's complex mathematical structures:
not so much in their outward appearance as in the shaping of their inner forces (chaos, attractors,
fractals, etc.) His most remarkable gift was for me a new view of music, an understanding of a piece
as a whole, and the ability to comprehend music as order.



I lectured at:

Course Universidad de Cádiz to offer a course on "Sound on Cinema" in a postgraduate program. Fundación Provincial de Cultura
Servicio de Video - Diputación de Cádiz.
(Cádiz, 1997)

U.N.Q. I had the honour of sharing what I had learned about Complex Music with the students of theQuilmes National University in Buenos Aires where I offered a lecture on Francisco Guerrero, his research, his work and his views. (Buenos Aires, 1998)


R.C.S.M.M. I had the honour of sharing, along with other disciples of Francisco Guerrero what we had learned about Complex Music with the students of the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid where we offered a lecture on his research, his work and his views. (Madrid, 1997)

I've been invited to offer a Master Class about the Sound Track design of
David Lynch's "Blue Velvet" at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de
Ciencias de la Información
(Madrid, 2005)

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