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Although I studied drama for two years, I didn’t really know what THEATRE was until I met Roberto Villanueva in ’76 while working on "EL PLAUTO". I must admit that my perception of this art was changed by his approach to it.
He became my second maestro.



I have been interested in all the possibilities that music and sound can offer to the worlds of Theatre, Video and Cinema. In Theatre I have extended the use of sound to the stage; working with the rhythm of the actors; their movements, speech and spoken choruses as well as percussion with scenic objects, etc.

Music must not merely be a decoration. I speak from a dramatic point of view, proposing an entirely different phenomenon called "audiovision" in which the universe of sound produces a dramatic sense all of its own. Music written along with the text can irrigate it to the extent that the whole becomes unified dramatic text.

I've learnt to identify and to extract dramatic functions from the text (not roles but functions) by following the theoretical works of Levi-Strauss/Propp/Greimas as applied to a dramaturgy.


As composer, musical director and sound designer

Los Siete contra Tebas Los Siete contra Tebas
Los Siete contra Tebas (Seven against Thebes)
Los Siete contra Tebas

Aeschylus' Tragedy in a new spanish version by Jesús Alviz.
Directed by Francisco Suarez for the Festival de Teatro Clásico de Mérida... [case study]
The speaker in "PHANTOM" is the actor Juanma Navas.


Prototype Prototype Prototype
Baraja del Rey Don Pedro
Medieval Tale

Written by Agustín García Calvo and directed by José Luis Gómez.

Remarks: This was a play placed in the Middle Ages. The director wanted these songs to sound ancient but not historical;
stripped, theatrical.
The text presented me with those difficulties inherent in a meticulously written work with a highly elaborated metrical style.
The examples offered here are no more than sketches. I didn't write the music that finally debuted, having left the
production after eleven months.
The two song prototypes offered here have been performed by the actress Karmele Aranburu.


(by touching the titles of these songs you reveal the lyrics)

Más Cuento que Calleja Más Cuento que Calleja Outline
Más Cuento que Calleja
Children Comedy

Written & directed by Carlos Marco on Calleja's original tales.
These songs were sung live on stage; here there is only the music without voices.


La Diva al Dente La Diva al Dente Outline
La Diva al Dente

Operetta like comedy written by Antonio Onetti. Directed by Fermín Cabal.
These arias were sung live on stage; here there are instrumental versions.

Mal Bajío Mal Bajío Outline
Mal Bajío

Drama directed by Elena Cánovas & played by prisoner women from Yeserías Jail.
Based on the experiences of a real prison theatre group in Spain.

This theatrical play is the origin of the 2008 film "EL PATIO DE MI CARCEL" (My Prison Yard), Directed by Belén Macías

Hetairas Hetairas Outline

Pilar Ruiz took the old Luciano de Samosata's text and staged, directed and played it with Rossy de Palma for the
Classic Theatre Festival of Mérida.

Enfermos Enfermos Outline
Enfermos (see)
Acid Comedy

Written by Antonio Álamo. Directed by Rosario Ruiz Rodgers. Teatro de La Abadía.

Here, besides the musical composition, on the sound field I designed a spatialized war sequence (eight channels)
surrounding the whole audience.

File (spanish )

Pareja de Damas Pareja de Damas Outline
Pareja de Damas
Urban Comedy

Urban Comedy by Eduardo Galán. Directed by Pilar Ruiz, with Arantxa de Juan and Maco.

Corre corre que te pilla el gato Corre corre que te pilla el gato Outline
Corre corre que te pilla el gato
Commedia dell'Arte

On anonymous ancient French texts. Compiled & directed by Roberto Villanueva.

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