The Spooky Healing

Short / Fiction
Written & Directed by: Marcel Garbi
Music: "Le Souffleur" by Marcel Garbi
Starring: Pilar Ruiz 2006 - SD VIDEO - IMDB

An intimate world wrapped up in bass clarinet music.
A solitary, mysterious woman whose gasps are punctuated by water drop sounds.
A threatening curtain slides across.
Something is not quite right with what we are looking at.

On the other side of a shaking door there's a rag doll inside a man's black shoe. The woman takes him to bed.
Darkness and nightmares. She sends herself a message in morse code.

Next morning, after watering an onion, she starts a loving relationship with him. But suddenly, in a dreamlike state, she feels anger and throws him away.
She leaves him in a narrow corridor and vanishes without trace climbing up the walls.

When she returns home, however, something moves her to bring him back. He's full of thorns now.

Then a healing takes place

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Short / Fiction

Written and Directed by: Marcel Garbi, based on Noh Theatre traditional texts
Music & Sound Design: Marcel Garbi
Starring: Augustina Amoa & Robert Rowe

London 2011 - SD VIDEO


Short / Fiction

Written & Directed by Marcel Garbi
Music & Sound Design: Marcel Garbi
Starring: Juanma Navas, Pedro Reyes, Pilar Ruiz, Ángeles Ladrón de Guevara & Pedro Ferreiros

Madrid 2007 - SD VIDEO

There’s a moment in life in which energies must change their course.


This was a feature film project, the second level of a former music-theatre unfinished project of mine. I couldn't make this film but I did an audiovisual treatment with just still photos, texts and sound/music to be able to communicate the idea.
I contacted Mark Rylance and this is what he told me (SEE). This video is not public, so please enter the password "valdemar" to be able to watch it. Madrid 2005.


Pilot for a TV Series

Written & Directed by Marcel Garbi
Interviewer: Pilar Ruiz
Guest: Peggy Phoenix-Dubró

Episode 0

Introducing the Universal Calibration Lattice
We are living a split in the road of evolution.
The fabric of the old reality is being unwound before our eyes.
Let's use our response-ability to chose right, to create the new one.

Madrid 2008