Marcel Garbi


Who I am and what I do

My name is Marcel Garbi. And I am not what I do.

As a creative being I have played with several artistic disciplines along my life such as Drawing & Painting, Music & Sound, Filmmaking...
Creativity is an attitude, a view about things even before those things may belong to any specific discipline. Where are the boundaries when you see everything in all?

This specific proposal I am doing now (working with ink and watercolours on Japanese paper) started in 2014 feeling like a good story to explore.

It is an exploration through Ink Drawing without a previous drawing, Painting -letting things happen- and to a certain extent an awareness of the gestural brushstroke as in oriental Calligraphy.

A Minor Art. With capital letters.

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Time to leave the maps and start travelling around on our own, in order to let intelligence and wisdom flow.