David Lynch Foundation Music ID

Motion Graphics Video

Just a very short ID for the David Lynch Foundation Music series commissioned by Jason P. Rothberg, Vice President of Label Affairs at DLFM

USA 2011

World Wide Holistic Day

Motion Graphics Video

Motion Graphics for an open call to Healers & Therapists to offer for free, for one day, their knowledge. Commissioned by Lucrezia Pierro (WHD)

USA 2010


Motion Graphics Video + Song

Video for a special viral promo for"miiEgo", showing a forum where people talk about a new bluetooth headset.

Commissioned by Felipe Guevara Cisneros

Denmark 2009

KissKiss London

Animation Video + Song

Animation video and music for an initiative to bring awareness to pre-teen and teenage youth regarding the importance of keeping a balanced diet.

The objective of the local KissKiss London events is to take the message directly to the heart of the housing estates with the aim of identifying five kids per Borough to be sponsored into a sports activity of their choice for an initial period of two academic years.

London - UK 2011


I did many animations in a format called "Flash" that unfortunately Adobe officially stopped supporting in 2021 and has blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player.


Motion Graphics

Ident for a TV pilot.

Madrid 2008


Character Study

Bloofy, a character looking for a film, a sample of classic animation. Rough made for Heather Costello (Amor Vincit Productions Limited) for a children's TV series. London 2010