My adult life begun

At the Theatre

I was barely seventeen years old when a new world opened before my eyes.
I had the opportunity to work as an actor and musician (tenor flute, guitar & singing) in an extraordinary four hours play called "El Plauto", written by Carlos Trias (version of Plautus' comedies) and directed by Roberto Villanueva and Jose Páez (who directed the brilliant "Los muchachos de la selva" a year later, based on texts by Buchner and Rimbaud) in Buenos Aires.

I experienced THEATRE with capital letters, what it can be, and I have to say that I loved it and that I didn't have many more occasions in the rest of my life to taste that feeling again. It was truly exceptional.

On the header of the programme, you could read: "So that soon we can celebrate the representation of great ceremonies about metamorphosis, delirium, acrobatics, masked ball, prestidigitation and the Dionysian bond between Eros and Thanatos"

I met amazing people, lived new experiences and found a "path" in my readings and my music. My adult life had begun.

The time had come to meet Nietzsche, Artaud, Rimbaud, Büchner, Jarry, Cioran, Wittgestein, Moles, Deleuze, Sollers, Proust, Derrida, Bataille, Klossowski, Bernhard, Bowie, Reed... so many things to be thankful for.

Then they went to live to Spain and I too -a couple of years later, where we continued friendship and learning.

From Roberto I learned to see Dramatic Functions.

To re-write the text with a dramaturgical reading, applying above all the vision of Vladimir Propp, Lévy-Strauss and Greimas on mythical stories, fairy tales and the hero's journey. Discovering functions and producing a sense direction.

That's how I remember him; a chair, a table, some books: a sacred space.